May 31, 2016

619 Marina Blvd, Marina District

2,826 square foot Tudor Revival style home overlooking the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and St. Francis Yacht Club. Built in 1936. Last sold for $2.8 million in 2010. Current estimates value the property at about $4.5 million.

May 30, 2016

730 Dolores St, Eureka Valley - Dolores Heights

Originally 3,730 square foot 5 bedroom 3 bath Edwardian residence built in 1907. Last sold for $1.845 million in 2003. Renovated and enlarged in 2003. Post renovation stats: 3 bedrooms and 5 baths in 7,000 square feet. Current estimates value the property at about $7.3 million.

Architect's description of the renovations: This 7,000 square foot renovation and addition maintains the graciousness and carefully-proportioned spaces of the historic 1907 home. The new construction includes a kitchen and family living area, a master bedroom suite, and a fourth floor dormer expansion. The subtle palette of materials, extensive built-in cabinetry, and careful integration of modern detailing and design, together create a fresh interpretation of the original design. (Schwatrz and Architecture)

Interior Photos HERE (Click Dolores St residence on left)

730 Dolores St circa 1976

730 Dolores St, 2003

May 29, 2016

1335 Masonic Ave, Haight Ashbury

2,190 square foot shingled Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $53K in 1973. For the 2015-2016 tax year, the city of San Francisco has assessed this house at $98,533. Property taxes for this period are $1,157.07.

Current estimates value the property at $2.6 million.

The owners are sitting on a pile of cash!

May 28, 2016

2712 California St, Pacific Heights

3,544 square foot 3 bedroom 2.5 bath Stick Victorian built in 1895. Last sold for $2.145 million in 2004. Current estimates value the property at about $4.3 million.

May 27, 2016

2561 Washington St, Pacific Heights

3,580 square foot Queen Anne Victorian built in 1885. Current estimates value the property at about $4.3 million. A quick permit search did not reveal any recent renovations. This can be good and bad. Nice that all the Victorian details are probably intact. Not so nice if the kitchen or worse the bathrooms have not been updated....

This house has been in the same family for a very long time which explains why it is currently assessed at $189,698. Property taxes for 2015-2016 are $2,227.62. The owners are Prop 13 beneficiaries.

2561 Washington St circa 1975

May 26, 2016

2007 Franklin Street, Pacific Heights, THE HAAS-LILIENTHAL HOUSE

Landmarked 12,040 square foot Queen Anne Victorian built in 1886. Designed by architect PETER R. SCHMIDT.

The Haas-Lilienthal House is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Improvements include upgrades to accessibility, life safety, technology infrastructure, seismic performance, mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems (exterior repair and painting has been completed). The project is currently in the schematic phase, with the start of construction activity forecasted for early 2017 and overall project completion by mid-2017.

Interior Photos HERE

The Haas-Lilienthal House is an exuberant 1886 Queen Anne-style Victorian located in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. It is the city’s only intact private home of the period that is open regularly as a museum, complete with authentic furniture and artifacts. The house is also unique as a place that conveys the role of Jewish immigrants in the development of the American West. (National Trust for Historic Preservation)


San Francisco’s National Treasure (SF Heritage)

Historic Haas-Lilienthal House repainted original sedate color (SF Chronicle)

The Haas-Lilienthal House Restoration (About the paint colors)

May 25, 2016

1242 Sacramento St, Nob Hill

Beaux Arts style 6 unit condominium residence built in 1916. Designed by architect ARTHUR LAIB. Laib also designed the mansion next door at 1230 Sacramento St.

No. 4 a one bedroom 1 bath 1,088 square foot unit last sold for $1.275 million in 2015 ($420K under the original asking price).

No. 4 Broker Babble: Located in an exquisite Parisian-style Beaux Arts 6-unit building on one of Nob Hills most desirable tree-lined blocks across from historic Grace Cathedral, this 1 bedroom, 1 bath classic condominium features beautifully remodeled gourmet kitchen with walk-in pantry, gorgeous marble bath, tented dining alcove, tandem one car parking, washer/dryer and extra storage. Featured in Architectural Digest, this sophisticated residence is ideal for enjoying a vibrant urban lifestyle in one of the City's most glamorous neighborhoods.

Interior Photos of No. 4 HERE

Thomas Britt Crafts a Vibrant Pied-À-Terre in San Francisco (Architectural Digest)

May 24, 2016

1224 Taylor St, Nob Hill

10,700 square foot Beaux Arts style multi-unit (16) residence built in 1911. Designed by James Francis Dunn. Current estimates value the property at about $6.3 million.

1224 Taylor St circa 1975

San Francisco Architectural Survey 1975

May 23, 2016

2602 Pacific Ave, Pacific Heights

4,900 square foot 6 bedroom 6.5 bath Queen Anne Victorian built in 1889. Designed by Samuel Newsom.

Last sold for $8.25 million in 2014 ($700K below asking). The home is currently undergoing renovations.

Sales History - Sold for

$2.678 million in 1995
$2.587 million in 1991
$2.5 million in 1989
$921K in 1988

This grand Pacific Heights manse has six fireplaces, three terraces, a separate penthouse, a gym, and a three car garage. It has been the site of film and TV shoots as well as the location for a Pottery Barn commercial.

More HERE (Curbed)

See Interior Photos HERE or HERE

May 22, 2016

4 McCormick St, Nob Hill

900 square foot shingled Victorian cottage built in 1907. Last sold for $321K in 1989.

Current estimates value the property at about $1.3 million. I actually think this property could fetch more than $1.3 million due to the fact that single family homes are exceedingly rare on Nob Hill.

712 Ashbury St, Haight Ashbury

2,718 square foot Queen Anne Victorian built in 1890. Last sold for $80K in 1998. Current estimates value the property at about $3.2 million.

May 21, 2016

50-52 Fair Oaks St, Mission Dolores

2,248 square foot Italianate Victorian duplex built in 1906. Last sold for $2.46 million in April of 2016 ($130K over asking). The bathrooms and kitchens in both units need work.

Broker babble: Extraordinary two level Victorian situated on celebrated Fair Oaks St on the warm southern slope of Liberty Hill. Oak floors, tall ceilings, elaborate picture railings and other Victorian details are abundant in this fantastic building while expansion possibilities for additional living space abound as there is just 3 rooms on the ground level and 7 rooms on the second level plus an attic above.

The front garden overlooking Fair Oaks St is Magnificent while a lane running behind the property provides access to the garage and the garden space at the rear of the property. This property lends itself to expanded or multi-generational family living but also presents a huge opportunity to incorporate lots of unused and underused space into a Magnificent Victorian Landmark Home for generations to come.

Interior Photos HERE

May 20, 2016

2951-53 Fillmore St, Marina District

The fire escape is a blight. Still a beautiful Queen Anne.

4,800 square foot multi-unit Victorian built in 1904. Last sold for $1.4 million in 2004. Current estimates value the property at about $6.2 million.

2033 Baker St, Pacific Heights

2,520 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bath sweet jerkinhead beauty built in 1904. Last sold for $715K in 1987. Current estimates value the property at $3 million.

What is the architectural style of this house???? Comment on Instagram @SF_DAILY_PHOTO

May 19, 2016

2960 Broadway, Pacific Heights

13,403 square foot 8 bedroom 9 bath Willis Polk designed stucco adaptation of Spanish City Architecture built in 1913. Iconic views from this home along Billionaires Row.

Last sold for $4.782 in 1990. Current estimates value the property at about $16 million.

2960 Broadway St  circa 1975 ⇡ ⇣
Obviously the garage was a late edition.

May 18, 2016

2622 Jackson St, Pacific Heights

Landmarked 11,450 square foot, 7 bedroom 6 bath Willis Polk designed Italian Renaissance style view mansion built in 1895. Last sold for $13.3 million in 2013.

When it was built the Gibbs Mansion was declared by the San Francisco Examiner to be 'the first classical residence in San Francisco'. The round entrance portico is reminiscent of a Tuscan villa. The exterior is gray Oregon sandstone and the home features a Gladding McBean glazed tile roof. Sadly, George Gibbs died only two months after moving into it, but his widow Augusta continued to occupy it until her death in 1918. It later became the Japanese Consulate until the outbreak of World War II. It then served as headquarters for the local chapter of the Red Cross until the late 1940's when it was purchased by the San Francisco Music and Arts Institute.

In 1993, it was sold to designer Agnes Bourne who made it available to University High School as their 1994 Decorator Showcase house. In 1995 it was bought by filmmaker Chris Columbus for $11.5 million. In 2013 Columbus sold to an LLC for $13.3 million ($305K over asking).

Hidden behind the house to the northwest, closer to Pacific than to Jackson, is a little-known two-story structure originally built as a caretaker's residence for the main house. Now subdivided from the original parcel and separately owned, it was also designed by Polk and is included in the Landmark case report as an unusual support structure for such a house in the area (Encyclopedia of San Francisco).

Interior Photos HERE or HERE

2622 Jackson round portico
2622 Jackson St as noted in Fables and Gables

May 17, 2016

542 46th Ave, Sutro Heights

3,280 square foot 5 bedroom 3 bath Craftsman style home originally built in 1884 as the gardener’s cottage for Adolph Sutro, first Mayor of San Francisco. Rebuilt in 2000, this home has been featured in William-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.

Currently listed for $3.495 million. Last sold for $338.5K in 1988.

Interior Photos HERE or HERE

An historic house and garden in the Outer Richmond that showcases a wide variety of local natives, coastal scrub and oak woodland plants. Highlights include multiple mature Ceanothus Ray Hartman and a Red Fescue meadow. Plants are well adapted to windy, salty air, sandy soil, and minimal irrigation. The garden was originally planted by the owner in 2001. When Wild Natives took over the care of the garden in 2006 it was in disarray and full of weeds. Over the past few years, the garden has transformed into a truly magical place (

Garden Photos HERE

Lived at 542 46th Ave in 1960
Citizens Committee to Preserve
American Freedoms

May 16, 2016

164 Bocana Street, Bernal Heights Earthquake Shack

750 square foot, 1 bedroom 1 bath earthquake cottage built 1906-1907. Currently listed for $779K. Last sold in 2003 for $489,000

Interior Photos HERE

Authenticated San Francisco Earthquake Shacks**
52 Allen St.
164 Bocana St.
43 Carver St.
300 Cumberland St.
54 Montana St.
20 Newman St.
222 Prague St.
1254 and 1258 25th Ave.
1227-1227A 24th Ave.
1368 24th Ave ("La Casita")
349 27th Ave. ("La Rosa")
**Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of San Francisco

1381 Sanchez St Noe Valley Before and After

1381 Sanchez St after
2,200 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bath gut-renovated stick Victorian built in 1906. Prior to renovations, this house was 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in 1,094 square feet. In 2008 flippers purchased the house for $1.005 million ($106K over asking). Subsequent to renovations, the the property sold for $1.71 million ($85K below asking). Sold in 2012 for $2.335 million. In 2015 the property sold for $2.6 million. ($105K over asking)

Interior Photos HERE and HERE

1381 Sanchez: Redesigned, Remodeled And Now Double The Size (Socketsite)

1381 Sanchez St before circa 2008

May 15, 2016

140 Divisadero St, Buena Vista - Ashbury Heights

4,350 square foot multi-unit Queen Anne Victorian built in 1905. A 1 bedroom 1 bath unit last sold for $800K ($201K over asking) in 2015. In 2006, this unit sold for $550 ($50K over asking).

See interior photos HERE

Broker Babble: Magnificent trophy showcase mansion! Fantastic opportunity for turn key 6 unit building in prime Buena Vista Heights neighborhood. Panoramic views abound! 2 units are large 2bd/2ba units. Good TIC potential! This French inspried SF architecture features a majestic twin-gabled dual-pitched hipped mansard roof, 6 uniquely different dormer windows and a grand central entry flooded with light.

May 14, 2016

1230 Sacramento St, Nob Hill

4,600 square foot 3 bedroom 3.5 bath Beaux-Arts style mansion built in 1915. Designed by architect Arthur Joseph Laib. Currently listed for $10 million. Last sold for $6.4 million in 2008 ($1.1 million below asking).

Broker Babble: One of the few remaining single family homes on coveted Nob Hill, this palatial residence is reminiscent of the grandeur associated with European elegance. It is truly one of a kind! Built in 1915, this Beaux-Arts masterpiece was renovated and restored to its original beauty by world renowned interior designer Paul Wiseman. Every aspect of the home is tastefully done. Home was featured in California Style magazine. Immaculate and done!

View Interior Photos HERE

May 13, 2016

68 Castro St, Duboce Triangle

2300 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bath late Italianate Victorian built in 1904. Last sold for $442K in 1994. Current estimates value the property at $2.4 million.

The Duboce Triangle neighborhood is located near the center of San Francisco, California just below the hilly slopes of Buena Vista Park between the neighborhoods of the Castro/Eureka Valley, the Mission District, and the Lower Haight. The area is sometimes known as Mint Hill, after the United States Mint, nearby on a steep rocky cliff overlooking the intersection of Market and Duboce streets. The neighborhood is bordered by Market St., Castro St., Divisidero St., Waller St., Webster St. and Duboce Avenue.

May 12, 2016

140 Camino Sobrante, Orinda

Golden State Warrior Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha are selling their former Orinda home, a Mediterranean style villa built in 1963 and rebuilt in 2008. The gated home sits on a tranquil lakeside parcel studded with mature oak trees and a hobby vineyard.

5+ bedrooms

4.5 bathrooms

4,735 square feet

.68 acre lot

Currently listed at $3.895 million or $823 per square foot. Curry paid $3.1 million in 2013

Interior-Exterior Photos HERE

The median sales price for homes in Orinda (Jan 7 to Apr 6 2016) was $1,370,000 based on 19 home sales. Average price per square foot for Orinda was $631, an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year.

Orinda is located just east of the city of Berkeley and is home to many affluent suburban professionals who commute to downtown Oakland, San Francisco, and Walnut Creek. Its location provides for a more rustic landscape, and Orinda's many parks and trails make it a destination for many Bay Area hikers and naturalists.

One Upland Dr, Mount Davidson Manor

1,996 square foot Tudor Revival built in 1931. Last sold for $1.227 million in 2004. Current estimates value the property at $799 per square foot or $1.6 million.

Mount Davidson Manor Ranked 62nd best neighborhood in San Francisco

May 11, 2016

32 Maple St, Presidio Heights

11,370 square foot French Eclectic style mansion built in 1910. Last sold for $5.5 million in 1989. Current estimates value the property at about $19.7 million.

May 10, 2016

50 Clifton Dr, Westlake District, Daly City Little Boxes Series

1,080 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath Classic Midcentury style home built in 1952. Last sold for $154K in 1986. Brand spanking new this house cost about $9K. Current estimates value the property at about $727K.

The Westlake District of Daly City, California, is one of America’s earliest and most iconic postwar suburbs. Located just south of San Francisco, Westlake has frequently been compared to Levittown, New York, the first major postwar suburb in the United States.

Developed by Henry Doelger, once the largest home builder in the nation, Westlake features quirky 1950s architecture created by a core team of designers to encompass nearly every building in the development. Westlake’s most famous architectural icons are its endless rows of boxy houses—the inspiration for Malvina Reynolds’ folk song Little Boxes which became an anti-suburban anthem in the 1960s.

Despite its detractors, Westlake has enjoyed considerable praise over the course of its sixty-year history. In the 1950s, the neighborhood’s architecturally innovative schools began appearing in national magazines like Life, Architectural Forum, and Fortune. In the 1970’s, one national magazine named Westlake one of the ten best suburbs in America. In 2003, The New York Times ran an article about Henry Doelger and his impact on history, citing Westlake as one of his most iconic neighborhoods.

Recognition of Westlake’s architects and its status as an important postwar development has gained momentum in recent years due to a resurgence of exposure in newspapers, magazines, and books. (Westlake Resource)

3216 Jackson St, Presidio Heights

3,200 square foot 5 bedroom 3 bath shingled Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $1.4 million in 1989. Current estimates value the property at about $5.5 million.

May 09, 2016

961 Lincoln Ave, Palo Alto

Built in 1921, this 936 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage on a little more than half an acre can be your for $9.998 million!!!

....And you thought the prices in San Francisco were ridiculous.

This Two-Bedroom Palo Alto Bungalow Wants $10 Million (SF Curbed)

3800 Washington St, Presidio Heights

Landmarked derelict manse that was recently listed at $18 million.

17,895 square foot 9 bedroom 8 bath residence, built in 1902 for the Koshland family woolens magnates and later major supporters of the San Francisco Symphony and San Francisco Opera. Much of the family fortune later went to establish the San Francisco Foundation. The mansion was modeled after Madame de Pompadour's Versailles chateau Le Petit Trianon.

The most recent owner Halsey Minor bought the 17,895-square-foot mansion and detached 2,618-square-foot guesthouse in 2007 for about $18 million. He never occupied the property. It was put on the market in 2012 for $25 million, but that listing eventually was cancelled. It came back up for sale in 2014 priced slightly less that $20 million. It did not sell and the price was eventually cut to $17.995 million. The property is currently listed as sold.

More about Halsey's fiasco HERE (SF Business Journal)

Interior Photos HERE

3800 Washington Street, San Francisco

3800 Washington after the 1906 earthquake

May 08, 2016

2275 California St, Lower Pacific Heights

6,000 square foot Queen Anne Victorian triplex built around 1900. Current estimates value the property at about 6.5 million.

2018 California St, Pacific Heights

4,236 square foot 3 bedroom 3 bath unusually elaborate late Italianate that conforms to the Stick-Eastlake style. Last sold for $945K in 1994. Current estimates value the property at about $4.9 million.

2018 California St
Photo by Phil Palmer ca. 1975