November 20, 2019

214-218 27th ave Demolished

Existing structure c. 1904

Proposed Rendering

CEQA Categorical Exemption Determination

According to the Historic Resource Evaluation prepared by Richard Brandi and information found in the Planning Department files, the subject property at 218 27th Avenue contains a one-story-over-garage, wood-frame, ingle-family residence constructed in the early 1900s.

No original building permit was found to determine exact date of construction, architect or builder. A water tap record application was filed in 1904 for a one-story,800 square-foot building, which was shown in the 1905 Sanborn map as located at the rear of the lot at fullwidth but just short of the property line.

The 1913 Sanborn map shows a one story house with a flat facade and full width porch in the location of the current building and also shows a small building at the rear of the lot(different from the structure identified in the 1905 map).

The 1950 Sanborn map shows a one-story-over-garage house with an angled bay and a full-width rectangular addition at the rear of the building and no longer shows the small building at the rear. For purposes of this review, the construction date for the current residence is narrowed to sometime between 1905 and 1913.

The original owner of the building was Francis W. Smiley, a laundry worker, and his wife Mary. The Smiley family owned and occupied the building from the time of its construction until 1938. The building has been owner-occupied for a majority of its existence.

Known alterations to the property include:changing the front of the "old" building from a hipped to gabled roof, adding a portion of the old front porch to the living room, and changing the stairs from the center to the right side(1915)and re-roofing (2008).

In comparing the current building to historic photos, it appears that other changes that have also occurred include: removing original siding and stuccoing the exterior; replacing windows; and replacing the garage doors.

No known historic events occurred at the subject property(Criterion1). None of the owners or occupants have been identified as important to history(Criterion 2). The subject

property is a nondescript example of a vernacular cottage that has been stripped of any character defining features.The building is not architecturally distinct such that it would qualify individually for listing in the California Register under Criterion 3.

The subject property is not located within the boundaries of any identified historic district. The subject property is located in the Outer Richmond neighborhood on a block that exhibits a variety of vernacular architectural styles and construction dates ranging from early 1900s to 2000. Together, the block does not comprise a significant concentration of historically or aesthetically unified buildings. Therefore, the subject property is not eligible for listing in the California Register under any criteria individually or as part of a historic district.

San Francisco Planning Department Notice of Exemption

The 3,000-square-foot project site is located on the east side of 27th Avenue south of the corner of Lake Streetin the Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco.The project site contains a two-story,2,000- square-foot single-family residence. The project would demolish the existing building on site and construct a four-story 6,195-square-foot building containing three residential units and three vehicle parking spaces.

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November 15, 2019

2147 Lake St, Lake District

Existing structure c. 1908 2712 sq ft 3/2.5

Since it has officially been determined by the City that this Lake District Victorian has no historical value, it is currently being marketed with approved plans to gut renovate inside and out (see below).

"This gorgeous Edwardian SFH resides on a beautiful tree lined street in sophisticated Lake Street District. DELIVERED WITH COMPLETED ARCHITECTURAL PLANS AND A SITE PERMIT for an expanded 3-level 3,636SF home featuring 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, Family Room and beautiful outdoor space. In its final, fully re-imagined configuration, 2147 Lake will offer 3 beautiful floors of living space."

At 1 st and 2nd floors expand envelope at rear &west side; extensive interior remodel. At 3rd floor, expand envelope at rear, west side &east side; extensive interior remodel. Stairs to be replaced with (N) stairs going from 1 st to 3rd floors. Replace existing gable roof with flat roof.

Existing building c. 1904 

CEQA Categorical Exemption Determination

Proposed rendering (not used)
The subject building has not been found to be eligible for individual listing in the California Register of Historical Resources under Criterion 1 (events), 2 (persons), 3 (architecture), or 4 (information potential).

According to the information provided in the HRE, the subject property was one of the earliest built structures on this portion of Lake Street (built 1904) however this date is consistent with the general building pattern of the Richmond District and therefore is not found to be sufficiently important to be significant under Criterion 1.

No person associated with the building is significant to history and therefore the property does not appear significant under Criterion 2. Architecturally, the building is a vernacular style, and although it features a distinct decorative sunburst set within a steep gable, these elements are not noteworthy enough to be considered significant under Criterion 3.

Furthermore the building it is not associated with a master builder or architect and therefore is not significant under Criterion 3. The building does not embody a rare construction type and therefore is not significant under Criterion 4 as it relates to buildings and structures. (The potential archaeological significance of the site, as opposed to the building, is not addressed in this document.)

Proposed rendering
The subject building does not appear to be located in a potential historic district. The building stock on this portion of Lake Street includes a wide range of residential building styles and types that date from 1904 to 1956. 2147 Lake Street and the neighboring building on the south side of Lake Street do not possess sufficient architectural or historical significance or cohesion to identify as a historic district.

The buildings on the north side of Lake Street are part of the West Clay Park subdivision and possess greater scale and refined architectural styles than found adjacent to 2147 Lake Street. The subject property is not located adjacent to any known historic resources (Category A properties).

PLANS - Existing and Proposed

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