March 31, 2017

55 Laurel St, Presidio Heights

c. 2017 @sf_daily_photo

San Francisco Architectural Survey c. 1976
7,428 square foot 5 bedroom 7 bath Colonial mansion built in 1911. Last sold for $7.011 million in 1999.

Currently valued at about $9.9 million. A quick permit search did not reveal any major renovations other than kitchen and bath remodels. There were some hints about a pre-1985 addition, but no other information.

Noted to be an "uninteresting building" by the city of San Francisco in a 1976 Architectural Survey. See the original document HERE

March 29, 2017

2513 Pierce St, Pacific Heights

c. 2017
3,264 square foot 3 bedroom 3 bath colonial built around 1900. Last sold for $2,323,500 in 2012. Currently valued at about $3.4 million.

Edward Scissorhands was here!!!

March 28, 2017

3404 Clay St, Presidio Heights

c. 2017

c. 1975
3,722 sq ft Queen Anne Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $2.5 million in 1999. Current estimates value the property at about $5 million.

Notable for the stylized Acanthus leaf design of the arched pediment gracing the entry. Acanthus ornamentation also appears on facade as well as atop the Corinthian capitals.

Leaf borders and scroll motifs were used extensively in the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Foremost of these was the acanthus motif. Some say the acanthus, one of the oldest flowers in the Mediterranean area, represents long life. Throughout most of its long history the leaf ornament generally known as acanthus is in fact an imaginary leaf adapted to many uses.

The Acanthus scroll
The symbolism and meaning associated with the Acanthus is that of enduring life, and the plant is traditionally displayed at funerary celebrations.

In Christianity the thorny leaves represent pain, sin and punishment. Acanthus symbolizes immortality in Mediterranean countries.

Acanthus Leaf detail c. 2017

March 27, 2017

64 Mercedes Way, Ingleside Terrace

By all measures, a rather pricey 3,400 square foot 4 bedroom 3.5 bath livable Mediterranean fixer built in 1917. Currently listed at $1.895 million or $557 per square foot, pretty far below the $888 per square foot normally garnered for homes in this neighborhood.

Last sold for $610K in 1997.

As is evidenced by the photos of the kitchen and the lack of photos of all but, what looks like, the master bath - this house needs to be updated.


March 26, 2017

3398 Washington St, Presidio Heights

6,168 square foot 7 bedroom 3 bath Queen Anne Victorian built in 1906. Last sold for 2.45 million in 1990. Current estimates value the property at around $8.2 million.

March 25, 2017

209 Clipper St, Noe Valley Pre-Renovation

2016 ⇣⇡

1,175 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath Stick Victorian cottage FIXER UPPER built around 1900. Last sold for $1.825 million in February of 2016. A WHOPPING $625K over asking.

Previously sold for $650K in 2000.

In a little over a year, this doozie has grown to an unknown size via gut renovation and is currently listed for $3.295 million. Consider yourself warned. See the after photos HERE


209 clipper St, Noe Valley

4 bedroom 3.5 bath gut-renovated Stick Victorian cottage of unknown square footage built around 1900. Currently listed for $3.295 million.

Last sold for $1.825 million in February of 2016. $625K over asking.

See the pre-renovation photos HERE