March 28, 2017

3404 Clay St, Presidio Heights

c. 2017

c. 1975
3,722 sq ft Queen Anne Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $2.5 million in 1999. Current estimates value the property at about $5 million.

Notable for the stylized Acanthus leaf design of the arched pediment gracing the entry. Acanthus ornamentation also appears on facade as well as atop the Corinthian capitals.

Leaf borders and scroll motifs were used extensively in the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Foremost of these was the acanthus motif. Some say the acanthus, one of the oldest flowers in the Mediterranean area, represents long life. Throughout most of its long history the leaf ornament generally known as acanthus is in fact an imaginary leaf adapted to many uses.

The Acanthus scroll
The symbolism and meaning associated with the Acanthus is that of enduring life, and the plant is traditionally displayed at funerary celebrations.

In Christianity the thorny leaves represent pain, sin and punishment. Acanthus symbolizes immortality in Mediterranean countries.

Acanthus Leaf detail c. 2017