May 30, 2016

730 Dolores St, Eureka Valley - Dolores Heights

Originally 3,730 square foot 5 bedroom 3 bath Edwardian residence built in 1907. Last sold for $1.845 million in 2003. Renovated and enlarged in 2003. Post renovation stats: 3 bedrooms and 5 baths in 7,000 square feet. Current estimates value the property at about $7.3 million.

Architect's description of the renovations: This 7,000 square foot renovation and addition maintains the graciousness and carefully-proportioned spaces of the historic 1907 home. The new construction includes a kitchen and family living area, a master bedroom suite, and a fourth floor dormer expansion. The subtle palette of materials, extensive built-in cabinetry, and careful integration of modern detailing and design, together create a fresh interpretation of the original design. (Schwatrz and Architecture)

Interior Photos HERE (Click Dolores St residence on left)

730 Dolores St circa 1976

730 Dolores St, 2003