July 22, 2017

1200 Dolores St, Noe Valley

c. 2017

c. 1976
2,720 square foot late Queen Anne Victorian with a polygonal corner tower, built in 1909.

For the 2016-2017 tax year the City and County of San Francisco has assessed this property at $432K. Property taxes are $5,110 for the year.

Current estimates value the property at about $3.8 million.

It's hard to imagine that this Queen Anne with its profusion of gables, bays, shingled areas, and stained glass windows grew out of a one room shack built before 1879.

Charles Katz bought the property in 1879, but waited until 1909 to construct the house which incorporated the earlier modest dwelling. (Here Today, San Francisco's Architectural Heritage, 1973)

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