April 12, 2017

900 Guerrero St, Eureka Valley - Dolores Heights

c. 2017

c. 1975
6,070 square foot historically significant Grand Queen Anne Victorian triplex built in 1895 by John Daly, a dairy farmer on the Peninsula who subdivided his ranch after the 1906 earthquake to begin what now is Daly City.

The Daly House is located in the Liberty Hill Historic District which was established in 1985, bound by 20th, Mission, Dolores, and 22nd Streets. The southern boundary is the Yerba Buena pueblo charter line of 1834, while the fire following the 1906 earthquake was stopped at Twentieth Street, marking the northern boundary. The western boundary cuddles up to a natural topographical plateau, where houses changed scale of size, and the eastern boundary ends at "the working-man's cottages" that date from the period.

The property last sold for $720K in 1996. Currently valued at about $6 million.

Apparently, the 3rd floor to the left of the tower is an addition. Now that I look at it, it looks like an addition.

San Francisco Architectural Survey 1975