April 13, 2017

3434 & 3660 21st St, Dolores Heights-Eureka Valley

c. 2017
3,415 square foot flat front duplex Italianate built in 1877. Last sold for $20K in 1988. Current estimates value the property at about $4.5 million.

There was a horizontal addition in 1988.

San Francisco Architectural Survey c. 1975

c. 1975 sans garage

And as a side note...

Zuckerburg's garage keystone
I took a couple of shots of the house that Facebook built otherwise known as Chateau Chan-Zuckerberg which is just down the street at 3660 21st St. The manse sits sideways on a heavily-gated and alarmed lot so it was impossible to get any full frontals.

Zuckerberg paid $3 million for the property in 2012. The original 1,400 square foot structure, built in 1923, was demolished to make way for a 5,500+ square foot faux Tudor Revival.

The construction site was heavily guarded and the building process was overly long. In other words a protracted pain in the ass for the surrounding residents.

I was not invited over for cocktails nor do I expect an invite so no interior shots....Sorry❤︎

Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Pissing Off His Neighbors (BuzzFeed)

3660 21st St street side view

3660 21st St street side view above garage 

Front glimpse (SFGate)