April 27, 2017

3450 Washington St, Presidio Heights

c. 2017

Albert Farr designed 8,368 square foot 7 bedroom 9 bath French Normandy Chateau with iconic views, built in 1929-1930 for the Guggenhime family. Last sold for $18 million in 2014, $3 million below the original list price of $21 million.

This property hosted the 2010 Designer Showcase.

Cost to build was about $32K. Albert Farr's design was inspired by Henry IV's Place de Vosges in Paris.

This historic part of the city of Paris is made beautiful by the stunning architectural ensemble of buildings that surround what was the first prestigious square designed for combining residential, commercial and public purposes at Paris.

Aesthetically they are highly appealing with their steeply pitched roofs and red brick and stone format with arcaded galleries underneath. The stunning gardens attached contain rows of pleached trees setting off the architectural style.

The area is an important aspect of the city today and the vision and legacy of one man, King Henry IV [1553-1610], the Great. He restored France to peace, strong monarchy and stable government and set about reviving an interest in learning, the arts, as well as rending great public works when he ascended the throne. (Culture Concept Circle)

Place des Vosges, Paris – detail



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