January 19, 2017

870 Ashbury St, Ashbury Heights

4,395 square foot 5 bedroom 3.5 bath Colonial Revival inspired Vicwardian built in 1910. Last sold for $1.45 million in 1998. Current estimates value the property at about $5 million.

From A Glossary of Haight-Ashbury-ese

The Detroit Gypsies: Detroit bikers who came into town because they heard about the new drugs for sale. Somehow they got to 870 Ashbury when it was filled with forty peaceniks, unlike any other people they’d ever met, in from all over for The Great Peace March. They dropped acid, slept under my dining room table and adopted me as a kind of Haight Ashbury mascot. They’d come into town and stay with me every so often to stock up on pot and acid to take back home. Their black jackets and leather pants helped me to feel safe.Bikers in general were o.k., but not if you crossed them. A Hell’s Angel guy once asked Rowland for a cigarette at a be-in. Rowland gave him a long lecture on the dangers of tobacco and got a broken nose for it.