January 21, 2017

2280 Vallejo St, Pacific Heights

c. 2016

c. 1999
6,620 square foot Italian Renaissance style mansion built in 1913. Last sold for $11.9 million in 2007. Designed by Clarence Ward, a young Chicago-bred architect who came west after the Great Earthquake to rebuild San Francisco and became famous as the young maverick on the architectural committee of the 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition.

Interior/exterior remodel in 2000 (see photos below). The interior was remodeled again in 2009 (sorry, no photos....yet). 2016-2017 property taxes are $158K. The city values the property at $13.4 million. Most notable are the before and after exterior shots showing an additional arch that somewhat obscures the ,now, recessed garage door.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Grand Hall Before

Grand Hall After

Library Before

Library After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room/Family Room After

Dining Room After

Master Bath Dressing Room Before

Master Bath Dressing Room After

Master Bath After

Basement Before

Basement After