April 10, 2016

265 Santa Clara Ave, St Francis Wood

3,009 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bath Colonial Revival style home built in 1924. Current estimates value the property at $2.2 million.


$640K in 1992
$1.328 million in 1998


Assessed at $1,732,272
Property Taxes $20,342.07

Saint Francis Wood
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in San Francisco

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San Francisco’s St. Francis Wood
by Richard Brandi

In my current work, San Francisco's St. Francis Wood, the history is told of one of the country's most successful examples of a City Beautiful "garden suburb" through historical images and photographs. Known for 100 years as one of San Francisco's finest residential neighborhoods, early visitors were impressed with the graceful streets, parks, and landscaping designed by the renowned Olmsted Brothers and the classically-inspired public monuments designed by the prominent architect John Galen Howard of the University of California. The houses reflect many period revival styles and the talents of dozens of architects, yet the effect is homogeneity of scale, color, and style.

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