May 18, 2017

3820 21st St, Eureka Valley

c. 2017
1,450 square foot Vicwardian built in 1905. Currently valued at $1.9 million. There are no records of any recent sales. For the 2016-2017 tax year the city of San Francisco has assessed this property at $105,149. Property taxes are $1,243.49.

The Eureka Valley and Dolores Heights neighborhood is a solid representation of a true San Francisco experience, and proud home of the motivating power behind the gay rights movement.
A picturesque row. The sofa is a classy touch.
A strong influence in the neighborhood is the world-renowned Castro district. It was built on the principles of equal rights after the 1978 assassination of the first openly gay San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk, igniting the community to take a historic turn. Together, the community became activists, forging the way for the now celebratory and thriving LGBTQ population. MORE HERE

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