April 08, 2017

940 Page St, Hayes Valley

940 Page St

2,800 square foot 4 bedroom 1 bath Stick Eastlake Victorian townhouse built in 1887 {SF Property Information Map} Last sold in 1971 for, are you ready for this, $27,500.

Ugh. Currently valued at about $3.2 million. A permit check only revealed minor remodeling.

Embellished truss detail
Notable for the embellished truss and the elegant vertical strips at the sides of the windows.

The highly decorative brackets that form the upper extension of the vertical strips are also a common feature of the West Coast Stick.

Square bays
The dead give-away that this is a Stick are the squared off bays as opposed to Italianates where the bays are more angular.

Stick houses in Nor Cal have their own set of identifying features.

Most prominent is an almost universal box bay which was simpler to construct than its slant-sided Italianate predecessor.

Decorative cornice-line brackets align with the side framing of the box bay windows, and these 2 elements are connected with vertical strips of trim.

In addition, cornice-line brackets usually line up with the corners of the house and long vertical strips extend from these down the corner boards.

Commonly, the rectangular areas above and below the windows are also filled with ornament. {A Field Guide to American Houses}