April 17, 2017

2426 Buchanan St, Pacific Heights

c. 2017

4,180 square foot multi-unit (6) Vicwardian built in 1905. This most assuredly was, at one time, a single family residence. The property last sold for $2.762 million in 2014.

A well-maintained residence despite its status as rental property.

As expected, rents are high in Pacific Heights. Studios begin at about 2,000.

One bedroom apartments start at about $3,200

Two bedroom apartments begin at about $4,000

Although I don't agree, this is an interesting perspective....

"Pac Heights is a boring neighborhood with no nightlife to speak of. It is populated by upper-income people in their 30s or older. It's a terrible place to live if you're interested in the wild side of San Francisco, but it's great if you want to feel safe walking down the street. Since moving here from the Mission, my wife is happier and I stopped carrying a weapon for self-defense."

Michael Foley, Pac Heights resident (Quora)

c. 1975