April 03, 2017

2200 Broadway, Pacific Heights

c. 2017

c. 1915
Built in 1867 this Neoclassical mansion was the city/winter home of the Joseph and Edith Donohoe Grant when they weren't at one of a multitude of other homes or ranches.

Designed by NY architects Philip Hiss and H. Hobert Weeks.

The views from this property are quintessential and iconic all rolled into one giant Wow! Word has it that the interiors have been preserved but for all those grimy little fingers....

c. 1950
The home is built out of stone and brick by the Mahoney brothers, who were also the contractors for the St Francis Hotel. The home has 5 levels in the back and 3 in the front, high ceilings, marble floors and paneled walls.

A private elementary school currently occupies the site. Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco was founded in 1887 and is one of more than 200 Sacred Heart schools and colleges in 45 countries around the world, each within its own educational model while embracing unifying Goals and Criteria. More info HERE

The Neoclassical design shunned the naturalistic sculpture adored by Baroque fans by overemphasizing the structural elements favored by Renaissance architecture.

There is barely an inch of the facade that is not exquisitely detailed!!

Like Georgian design, the Classical model looked toward Greek and Roman architecture for inspiration. Note the decorative columns or pilasters at right.

The pilasters have no structural purpose and only serve to add interest to the facade, door, or window architrave (the molded frame around a doorway or window).

classical urn
Arch keystone