August 28, 2016

944 Chestnut St, Russian Hill

9,699 square foot 4 bedroom 4 bath Georgian Colonial with historic status built in 1863. Last sold for $4.98 million in 2012. Current estimates value the property at about $9 million. The property is currently undergoing renovations.

C. 1976

San Francisco Architectural Survey c. 1976

Alexander Edouard, the original owner, was a portrait and landscape painter, but was best known as a photographer in San Francisco. He was the son of silhouettist, Auguste Edouart. Born in London, he was educated at Edinburgh and studied art in Italy. He was living in New York City in 1848-50 and in 1852 he went west to California where he spent the rest of his life, painting California landscapes. He took a brief trip to Europe about 1859. In 1889 or 1890 he moved to Los Angeles, where he died in 1892.