April 08, 2016

601 Broderick Street, NoPa The Backstory

Gethsemane Baptist Church
601 Broderick St

601 Broderick St

Built in 1875, the 4,000 square foot Victorian was for several decades the home of Gethsemane Baptist Church. In 1977 a hideous new entryway was added to the front of the structure. Subsequently, the building fell into serious disrepair and in 2012 the church closed its doors and the building was put up for sale. The real estate listing noted the following:

"Not for the faint of heart or the faithless. This property needs a revival. If your clients are clamoring for something different, you can make them believers. Transform the building into something new and spectacular. Heaven only knows what the possibilities could be!"

The dilapidated mess was scooped up by real estate developers for $1.4 million (40% over asking) with the intention of returning the house to its former glory. Upon completion in 2014, the newly renovated 6,585 square foot 4 bedroom 5.5 bath Victorian mansion sold for $4.995 million.

While it is easy to criticize the highly contemporized interior, it is probably safe to say that there wasn't much left to restore when the renovations began in 2012. Lest it be said that the developers could have done a more historically sensitive restoration, but there is no argument with the fact that the end result is far better than what was there before.