March 28, 2016

1500 35th Ave, Central Sunset, The Rousseau Series

1500 35th Ave

2,452 square foot 4 bedroom 2.5 bath Spanish Revival style home built in 1933. Last sold for $1.2 million in 2006.

Exquisite Rousseau home with original ironwork and wood beam stenciling intact. Vaulted ceilings, 2 Fireplaces, parquet floors with inlaid design.

2015-2016 Assessment and Taxes: Assessed at $1,364,475. Property taxes are $16,023.03

Representative of a short-lived (c.1931–1938) period of highly picturesque Period Revival tract house design in San Francisco’s Sunset District, characterized by well-articulated houses designed in a profusion of fully expressed architectural styles. The District represents a clear shift from tracts of homogenous single-style buildings to tracts that express a unique composition of varied styles and forms. Each building is designed in a different interpretation of the Spanish Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Tudor Revival, French Provincial, and Storybook style, with notable design elements influenced by Pueblo, Mission Revival, and Monterey Revival.

The District’s Period of Significance of 1931 to 1938 marks the beginning and end of the picturesque-era of Period Revival tract construction. The earliest tracts designed by brothers Oliver and Arthur Rousseau in exuberant Period Revival styles influenced subsequent designs by small and large-scale builders alike. By 1938, the end date of the District’s Period of Significance, the picturesque-era had peaked, though the several tracts built from 1936 to 1938 contain the final pulse of exuberant Period Revival design applied to well-articulated facades. By then, most Sunset District houses were characterized by restrained expressions of Period Revival styles, with less articulation, differentiation, and ornamentation.

Brightening the Sunset / Oliver Rousseau, a Depression-era builder, infused the city with rows of romantic homes (SFGATE 2004) HERE

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Wood beam stenciling

Parquet floors

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