October 24, 2017

908 Steiner St, Western Addition

3,600 square foot 4 bedroom 3.5 bath SCHMIDT & SHEA designed Rustic Stick Victorian built in 1888. Last sold for $1.275 million in 2009. Market value is about $3.3 million.

c. 1975
DESCRIPTION: Grand Alamo Square Historic Victorian home plus small unit.

The main floor features a double parlor living room with period details, a formal dining room and a large kitchen with a breakfast nook.

The top floor has 4 rooms (one with views of Alamo Square park), 1 full bath, 1 split bath and a deck with lovely potted plants.

Bottom level has a full bath, a bonus space and a separate unit with an entrance on Steiner. Featured in many Victorian publications!

A former road manager for Natalie Cole and Hot Tuna - remembers the house during the '70s, when it was known as the "Psychedelic House."

It acquired the name, along with a certain amount of fame, after its owners painted the exterior with just about every color, and combination of colors, in the spectrum.

The fiberglass model of a 10-foot Nile alligator was affixed to a space between the upper-story windows. Bay Area photographer Patrick Goggins captured the image on film, which now graces the front of a very collectible postcard.

Sometimes called Psychadelic House.

From 1966 to 1976 a hippie commune lived here and painted the house in pyschadelic colors. It was a wild color scheme that refocused attention on Victorians.

For a while, the house sported a life-sized alligator attached to the facade, inspired by the Grateful Dead's song Alligator.

"Riding down the river in an old canoe
A bunch of bugs and an old tennis shoe
Out of the river all ugly and green
The biggest old alligator that I've ever seen

Teeth big and pointed and his eyes were bugging out..."

Alligator by Astral-Haze

San Francisco Architectural Survey c. 1975
c. 1976

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