October 22, 2017

53 Denslowe Dr, Lakeside

c. 2017 sf_daily_photo
1,562 square foot childhood home of DC Comics superhero Green Lantern built in 1942. Last sold for $310K in 1996. Market value is about $1.2 million.

c. 2011

Constructed: 1936 - 1950, with included shopping corridor, Lakeside Village.

Location: Sloat Boulevard on the north, between Junipero Serra Boulevard and 19th Avenue on the east, west, and south where the two large streets merge near the San Francisco/Daly City county line.

The plan for Lakeside was well explained in the California Homes, October 1936 issue. The short description is titled "For the Man of Means":

"If you are a San Francisco executive or professional man, you'll like Lakeside. Close to your executive offices both in the matter of distance and the matter of time due to the Twin Peaks Tunnel; close to your favorite golf course and bridge club; close to your heart in the architecture of your needs, Lakeside is appealing. [...] Realized at Lakeside is the modern idea of placing all public utilities underground. No unsightly poles or electric wires will mar the view or endanger life or property."

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