September 17, 2017

234 Lisbon St, Excelsior

c. 2017 by sf_daily_photo

1,315 square foot 2 bedroom 1.5 bath Craftsman built in 1913.

Market value is about $1 million.

Last sold for $415K in 2001.

Now valued at about $737 per square foot, Up from $315 per square foot in 2001. And an increase of 19% in just the last year.

c. 2001
A neighborhood getting hotter by the day!!

According to Business Insider, This little-known San Francisco neighborhood is suddenly one of the hottest housing markets in America — take a look...

The mostly residential neighborhood isn't on the way to anything.

You won't find startup offices or trendy restaurants in Excelsior. It's one of the last areas without a Starbucks.

But with the median home sales price topping $1.5 million in San Francisco, prospective homebuyers are giving Excelsior — an enclave for the working class — a second glance.

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