May 27, 2017

2960 22nd Ave, merced Manor

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2,467 square foot Mediterranean bungalow built in 1933. Current estimates value the property at $1.8 million.

22nd Ave sits directly across from the Merced Manor Reservoir, a local landmark, the pump house of which was designed by San Francisco Starchitect Willis Polk in the "Classical" style. Built in 1936.

22nd Ave across from Merced Manor Reservoir

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The City and County of San Francisco through the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, owns and operates a regional water system that serves 2.4 million people, primarily in San Francisco and the south San Francisco Bay region.

The system extends about 167 miles, from Yosemite National Park (Hetch Hetchy) to San Francisco, and develops water supply from three principal watersheds: the Tuolumne River, Alameda, and Peninsula watersheds. The regional water system includes over 280 miles of pipeline, over 60 miles of tunnels, 11 reservoirs, 5 pump stations, and 2 water treatment plants (filtration).

The history of the system dates back to the 1860s, and many parts of it are over 100 years old.

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