May 22, 2017

2645 Buchanan St, Pacific Heights

c. 2017

Apartment with stained glass
8 unit, 5,655 square foot mostly stripped and iced in stucco Queen Anne Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $3.22 million in 2000.

Rental or "income property" Victorians or Edwardians ,for that matter, that has been chopped up into apartments are generally worth less than virgin or close to virgin properties that began their lives as single family homes.

The price paid in 2000 seems very high to me and I'm not sure why???? Current estimates value the property at about $2 million.

Is this property restorable to its former glory as a single family residence? Always! All it takes is LOTS of time and money. A permit search did not reveal any recent remodeling other than roof replacement in 1998.

Entry hall with intact woodwork
Studio bath

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