April 30, 2017

768 Ashbury St, Haight Ashbury

c. 2017

This post makes me feel like a total moron for not investing in SF real estate back in the day. Too worried busy about being a Hippy-Dippy IDIOT.

3,162 square foot 1 bath Grand Queen Anne Victorian built in 1903. Last sold for $44,500 in 1972. Currently valued at about $3.6 million.

Get this, the city values this property at $96,176 (Prop 13 beneficiary). Property taxes are 1,137 PER YR!!

A permit check did not reveal any major remodeling other than kitchen and bath. To date, it does not appear that there are any bath additions.

Sorry to say this, but this Queen is a prime candidate for a gut renovation which essentially says "fixer".

c. 1975

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