February 06, 2017

3546 21st St, Eureka Valley - Dolores Heights

Entry detail
2,425 square foot Queen Anne Victorian built around 1900. Last sold for $285K in 1987. Currently worth about $3.2 million.

Of note are the decorative frieze in blue and white as well as the gabled entry that mimics the gable end up above.

What to make of the the circle dot motif found on the gable ends. Just a pretty detail with meaning or....

In the complex symbolic system of Hinduism and Buddhism, the bindu (dot) represents the male force. Together, the circle and the bindu symbolize the merging of male and female forces. This symbol also represents the sun, which was worshipped as a personified, life-giving deity in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other major civilizations of history.

Or try on one of these meanings for the Point within a Circle:
Dot in a circle motif
- Among the Egyptians, it designated the Sun as creator god (Aton, Ra, etc);
- Ancient chinese pictogram meaning “Sun” or “day” (nowadays written as 日);
- Symbol of the “Eye of God” among primitive christians, and Huichol indians;
- Symbolizes Spirit among Chippewa indians;
- Alchemical symbol for Gold, sacred metal of the Sun;
- Qabalistic symbol of Archangel Michael, of a solar nature;
- Astrological symbol of the Sun (still used);
- Old chemical representation of an atom of Hydrogen;
- In Esoteric Astrology it represents the 1st of Seven Rays, the one corresponding to Will–Power;
- The Monad or Unity (God) in pythagorean mysticism;
- Qabalistic symbol of Kether, the “Crown” of the Tree of Life;

Bay window detail

Gable end detail