June 05, 2018

1838 Laguna St, Lower Pacific Heights

c. 2016

c. 1975
1,650 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bath Stick Victorian ca. 1889.

Second Best Block of Victorians: But the second most impressive grouping may well be on Laguna Street between Bush and Pine -- the only place in the city where Victorians line an entire block on both sides of the street. The immaculate, pastel-colored homes were built in the 1870s and 1880s, in the elaborate Stick style on the west side and Italianate on the east. There may be gaudier Victorians in the city, but few areas of town so readily conjure the dirt roads, horse-drawn carriages, and everyday elegance of the city's remarkable past. (SF WEEKLY)

1800 block of Laguna St  c. 1976

1800 block of Laguna St c. 1976
Last sold for $663K in 1988. Currently valued at about 2.3 million. A quick permit review reveals some light bath and kitchen remodeling. This house might just be in very-close-to-original condition. No interior photos.

The 1900 build date, in many instances, is merely used as a placeholder by the City to denote records destroyed by fire subsequent to the 1906 earthquake. Sometimes as in this case, an educated guess is possible. Other times research can purposefully or inadvertently lead to a date certain. And once in a while, it's impossible to know.