July 29, 2016

860 Fell St, Stylish Communal Living in Alamo Square

4,400 square foot restored colonial Revival mansion built in 1894. Designed by Albert Pissis. Last sold for $3 million in 2015 ($1.095 below asking).

Interior Photos HERE

The property, a rental, is currently occupied by a commune calling itself Chateau Ubuntu. Read on....and welcome to San Francisco.

This was Ubuntu's most recent Craigslist ad:

Hello, Craigslist friends!

We have openings for July and August!

Apply here: https://chateauubuntu.typeform.com/to/gm0I9Q

We're looking for people who are open, seek growth, and are willing to take the initiative to bring their ideas to life. What would you do with a community of 38 awesome people to support and inspire you? We regularly convene for family dinners; we lead yoga and meditation in our "zen zone;" we move, dance, play music, make art, and set up regular sharing circles; we host friends and loved ones; we hold intimate house concerts; and much more. Fill out the application below to tell us what you're passionate about and how you will participate in our community!

Our home is a unique and lovely 10BR, 11.5BA, French Victorian mansion. Originally built in 1894, it is just around the corner from Alamo Square and the iconic Painted Ladies. We have a large backyard with a fire pit, a newly remodeled kitchen with industrial appliances, beautiful views overlooking the city, a "formal" living room, bike storage, a zen zone, and much more.

To make life in San Francisco affordable, we live... nontraditionally! We see sharing as an opportunity, not a sacrifice. Think of it as a practice in communication and connection. While we live in shared rooms (with up to 5 other people), it is different from anywhere you've lived before. We share with intention.

Every member participates in a communal food plan. We come home to a kitchen stocked with fresh produce from the farmer's market, meats, local eggs, local roasted coffee, dairy, nuts -- and everything is up for grabs. There are two planned family meals per week, but it's not uncommon to find somebody cooking for 8-10 people for any given meal.

Of course, none of this happens magically. There are some simple rules that make a co-op tick, such as, "If you don't cook, you clean," and, "when someone comes home with groceries, stop, drop what you're doing, and help carry them in." That being said, it's not uncommon to wake up to a housemate's vegan, gluten-free banana cookies or breakfast burritos for all.

There is a $350/mo membership fee, the majority of which contributes to the shared food plan. Utilities, furnishings, maintenance, social events, household supplies, home improvement, and other administrative costs are also included. On top of all this, the total rent is still lower than most anything you'll find in San Francisco. Beyond price, everyone in our community is looking for something more meaningful than just a cheap place to live.

Our house has a variety of sizes of rooms (contact us for availability):

Furnished 6-person room: $650/mo/pp + membership fee
Furnished 4-person room: $850/mo/pp + membership fee
Furnished 3-person room: $975/mo/pp + membership fee
Furnished 2-person room: $1050/mo/pp + membership fee

Take a few minutes to fill out the application below. We read every single one.

With Love and Gratitude,

Chateau Ubuntu

Check us out on Instagram: http://instagram.com/goodmorningubuntu/
And on YouTube: https://youtu.be/6joCaacjnlA
(created by some of our housemates)