June 25, 2016

600 Miramar Ave, Westwood Park

3,143 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bath Mediterranean style home built in 1923. Last sold for $1.531 million earlier this month (6/2016). There were no interior photos to be found which in conjunction with the listing history (see below) leads me to believe that the interiors of this home might well be a scary mess.

Had this home been in better condition, it would have garnered around $2 million.

To date, no recent building permits have been pulled.

This property was listed for $2.5 million 2/16. Price was lowered to $2.28 million 3/16. Lowered again to $2.1 million 4/16. Down again to $1.7 million 5/16. Sold for $1.531 6/16.