April 20, 2016

919 South Van Ness Ave, Mission District

3,850 square foot 7 bedroom 3 bath residence on "Mansion Row". Last sold for $484K in 1993.

As part of the SHOTWELL STREET VICTORIANA HISTORIC DISTRICT 919 South Van Ness Avenue in the Mission District was originally addressed as 2409 Howard Street. Built in 1905 in the Queen Anne style with Classical Revival and Flemish details, the Phillip Zimmerman House is significant for its highly stylized mansard roof featuring scrollwork, a bullseye window, and draped fabric swags. The first occupants of this lot was one or two single-story structures dating back to 1868, which were then razed to make way for the home pictured above.

The SHOTWELL STREET VICTORIANA HISTORIC DISTRICT (period of significance 1865‐1905) in the Central Mission resembles an “ideal” Victorian‐era suburban neighborhood: a corridor of mostly high‐style architecture and detached, single‐family dwellings for the 19th‐century middle classes. Located between very early streetcar lines on Howard (South Van Ness Avenue) and Folsom Streets, the area developed as one of the Mission’s early, prototypical residential neighborhoods.

919 South Van Ness Ave circa 1975

San Francisco Architectural Survey 1975