April 25, 2016

76 Gladys St, Bernal Heights

375 square foot 1 bath cottage on a 2,500 square foot lot. Built in 1907. Last sold for $222K in 1999. Average price per square foot for Bernal Heights is $1,099 making this humble abode worth about $412K.

So how does one define a tiny house? According to the Tiny House Community, it must be 400 square feet or less and can sit on either wheels or a foundation. 76 Gladys has to be among the smallest houses in San Francisco!!

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444 14th St, Mission Dolores 363 sq ft studio cottage Mini is all the rage: First there was the Mini Cooper and then Mini Bar on Divisadero, and now the opportunity to decrease your footprint by owning a Mini Mansion in the heart Mission Dolores. This free-standing studio cottage is nestled in an enchanting urban garden behind a stately 3-unit building....Interior Photos HERE