April 18, 2016

1403-1425 Golden Gate Ave, Alamo Square The Seattle Block

1403-1425 Golden Gate Ave known as the "Seattle Block"

1057 Steiner St (not pictured), 1403-1407, 1409-1413, 1415-1419, 1421-1425 Golden Gate Ave Known as the Seattle Block designed by architect WILLIAM H. ARMITAGE. Built 1890-1893.

This stunning complex consists of a large residence and 15 flats displaying Victorian paint colors and a wide range Queen Anne-style imagery, which includes gables, several towers, arched entrances, clustered columns with Romanesque capitals, and classical rinceaux.

The "Seattle Block" was built by Daniel Jackson an Oregon Shipping magnate. Jackson hired architect William Armitage to design his house at 1057 Steiner Street at the corner of Steiner and Golden Gate (now the Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast)and the three adjacent "party-wall" houses going up Golden Gate Avenue. When they were first built, Jackson had the whole block painted similarly, so that it gave the appearance of one massive unified fa├žade beginning on the corner and continuing up the block.

Nos. 1403-1407

3 condominiums in 4,982 total square feet
No sales information

Nos. 1409-1413

3 units in 5,160 square feet
Last sold for $2.45 million in 2004

Nos. 1415-1419

6 units in 5,160 square feet
Last sold for $1.72 million in 2014

Nos. 1421-1425

3 condominiums in 6,012 square feet
No. 1421 last sold for $476K in 1999
No. 1423 last sold for $1.55 million in 2015
No. 1425 last sold for $1.72 million in 2014

No. 1423 Interior Photos HERE