March 27, 2016

Spencer House 1080 Haight St, Haight Ashbury

1080 Haight St today

Landmarked 7,275 Square foot 11 bedroom 10 bath Grand Queen Anne Victorian built in 1895. Fred P Rabin, architect. The mansion last sold for $3.5 million in 2000.

Called the Spencer House - so named for John Spencer who was a surgeon and son of a prominent local couple. The thirty room mansion provided ample quarters for his small family.

The exterior was restored in 2001, at which time the legacy of artistry was found to be intact beneath the myriad layers of paint that had long since obscured the finer details. This house is considered exotic even for a Queen Anne. It incorporates a Romanesque Porch, a Moorish first story window, and an almost Palladian treatment of the first story of the tower.

The Spencer House is architecturally significant as it is considered a "Flatiron" building (so named because of its resemblance to the household appliance). Buildings of this type are common in commercial architecture but are rarely found as a residential property. This is the only exclusively residential flatiron in San Francisco.

1080 Haight St in 1975

1080 Haight St 1969-1970

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