March 25, 2016

2090 Jackson and 2080 Washington Crumbling Pacific Heights Landmarks

The Whittier Mansion at 2090 Jackson Street

The Spreckels Mansion at 2080 Washington St

The Whittier Mansion (built 1894-1896) and the Spreckels Mansion (built in 1912) are both living proof that landmark status does not guarantee preservation. Below are photos from better times. The privately owned Whittier mansion has 10 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in 19,576 square feet. It is built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style with period details. It is constructed of steel-reinforced brick walls and a facing of Arizona red sandstone. The Spreckels Mansion, a French Baroque chateau, is home to author Danielle Steele. It has 55 rooms in a spacious 14,966 square feet and is made of white limestone.

Property Taxes and Assessed Values for 2015-2016 Tax Year
Property taxes for 2090 Jackson St: $79,930.69 (assessed value $6.8 million)
Property taxes for 2080 Washington St: $116,093.49 (assessed value $9.9 million)

The Whittier Mansion in 1910

The Spreckels Mansion in 1960

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Whittier Mansion parlor in 1900
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