April 25, 2017

3022 Washington St, Pacific Heights

Note the coiled fire hose beneath the pediment c. 2017

3,625 square foot 3 bedroom 4.5 bath Victorian firehouse. Last sold for $3,362,500 in 2010. Currently valued at about $5.1 million - maybe more due to pedigree.

Landmarked and blindingly white former firehouse now residence built in 1893. A very late Italianate with Victorian Gothic overtones, most apparent in the tower formerly used for drying the fire hoses.

Designed by the architectural firm of HENRIKSEN & MAHONEY Engine Company No. 23 was active until 1963 and then converted into a residence by interior designer John Dickinson. Served as home to California governor and Oakland mayor Jerry Brown in the early 90s when he was known endearingly as Governor Moonbeam.

On June 22, 1893, the plans for the three firehouses were approved and transmitted to the Board of Supervisors. The architect Bernhardt E. Henriksen, a native San Franciscan, was described in the April 1884 issue of the California Architect and Building News as "the pioneer native born architect".

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